Lapis Urbe

About Us

Lapis Urbe was born in 2013 as an artisan enterprise, specialised in processing and trading of local Italian travertines, commonly called the "Real Roman Travertines", extracted in Italy from quarries in the Tivoli and Guidonia areas, at Rome's doorstep.
In 2015, together with Top Professionals, already famous for their technical and commercial abilities, in the Roman Travertine's field, a new industrial size project was born, aiming to develop the national and overseas markets, strengthening not only the processing side but  production too, and increasing the sale of travertine in blocks, slabs, and manufactured as:

Classico Travertine, Classico Light Travertine, Classico Alabastrino Travertine, Navona Travertine, Noce Travertine, Noisette Travertine,    Ocean Blue Travertine ,  Silver Travertine, Striato Travertine, Titanium Travertine

Making the best usage of the expertise gained over the years in the stone field, and using its strong entrepreneurial skills, "Lapis Urbe" today is able to effectively respond to the market's demand with high standards, supported by the best technology available and qualified employees.
State-of-the-art facilities, computerised machinery, and automated production lines have led to improved production, with outstanding quality.

All the company projects are carefully followed, from materials selection to cut to size needs, analysing and understanding the potential of every single final product like floors, wall covers, and architects' specifications.
This is our vision, this is Lapis Urbe.