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Roman Travertine Ocean Blue is the Italian ivory white travertine with blue or gray veins ideal for both internal finishes, with glossy and smooth finishes, but also excellent for exteriors with grouting, brushing and bush-hammering treatments. The possibility of cutting it in pitch and counter pitch enhances some of its peculiarities:
  • Ocean blue travertine, if cut parallel to the edge, shows a cloudy effect with tone-on-tone shades and a much more compact appearance.
  • The ocean blue travertine, if cut in countertrend (therefore orthogonally) makes the slightly darker veins visible, highlighting the homogeneity, compactness and structure of the classic travertine itself.

Its particular color makes it unique, unlike the other travertines which are generally monochromatic, this travertine is characterized by its particular chroming. Beautiful are the possible realizations of wall coverings for the hotel or spa reception or for residential construction, the details will be instead or floors
The ocean blue Roman travertine could be defined as the blue or gray Roman travertine, it adapts to the classic travertines in travertine and modern pigeons, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Extracted from the travertine quarries of Tivoli and Guidonia, it is compact and uniform.
Ocean blue travertine can be made with different types of finishes: we can create polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, with resin and stucco.
The availability of ocean blue Roman travertine is in blocks, slabs and .